Saturday, July 19, 2008

Interesting dream

Last night I had a really powerful dream, I still haven't worked through it and found it's meaning, but it's sticking with me today, it felt important.

I dreampt that I was pregnant, and about to have a baby. It was Friday afternoon, and I went into a little clinic (the doctor who was at my last daughter's birth was there) and the doc and nurses seemed a bit put out that they would have to spend part of their weekend working. So they got things set up, and I got up onto the table, and I felt really strong contractions and saw that my stomach was shifting, and that the baby was coming out. I yelled at the doctor, "it's coming!" but it was too late, the baby came out and began to fall to the floor. The doctor rushed over to catch it, but I caught him, and at the same time that I caught him in my arms, he grasped my arms with his tiny little hands. I inspected him and found that he was a boy, and wrapped him in the blanket I had around myself. He and I looked each other in the eye, and some deep wisdom passed between us. Then I put him at my breast to nurse. The powerful part about the dream was that I had the baby without help, and that I caught him as he was falling. And that he caught me as well, he wasn't helpless and powerless. And his wisdom, and how we were, on some level, the same person, but at the same time two different individuals.


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