Friday, October 13, 2006

Art & God

Someone poised the question to me “Does art prove the existence of God?” My reply;

Let me tell you this. Beauty and God are one and the same. To create beauty is to touch God. To see beauty in everything is to know God. As an artist, my job is to call attention to what is not immediately seen or said. I translate my experiences into tangible, corporeal reality.

When I perceive beauty I am inspired to create. My perceptions are capable of being painfully sensitive. Things that most people don’t notice- a purple shadow dancing on the edge of a crevice, light glowing through a thin autumn leaf- these things regularly instill in me an excruciating longing to translate the experience into expression. It is an eternal struggle to convey my inner experiences, be they bliss or anguish.

At the center, these experiences are all the same, neither bliss nor anguish. They are a transcendent mystery that cannot be explained, only experienced. To create or interact with ‘true’ art- this leads me to the center of my self where, in fact, I find God.

If I choose to follow, on the edge I pick up the unraveled strings which become the thread of silence which leads to the center. At the center is the ineffable dichotomy, the eternal moment that every human carries within themselves. God.

How can this be expressed through art? As an artist I become a channel through which experience flows. My vision may resonate with the person who is experiencing it, and for a few moments the artist and the audience can move closer to experiencing God.


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